Sunday, February 1, 2009

Petting a kitty behind reinforced glass

My friend Jamie came down from Va to visit and I decided to show him some of the sites. So one of our stops was the greenville zoo where we found this spotted lepoard sleeping against the glass. Good thing its reinforced lol.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day 24: A new pic and finally caught up

So some of the pictures are taken with my iphone and this is one. I decided it was time to give my worthy camera some credit. I have a Canon PowerShot S2IS that has taken some of the best photos ever. I was looking at my harddrive that I use to hold all my pictures on and I have well over 4000 pictures on it. It was pretty impressive to sit down and look through some of them. I have some great memories caputred both on digital pic and video. This is one of the best cameras I could have ever bought.

Day 23: Family

Me, my sister, and our mother

Day 22: My Family

I know this is a little older but I am trying to play catch up and ran out of pic ideas at least until I catch up to the correct date. My left to right. My aunt Lisa (with brown hair) my mother, my aunt Jill and aunt Diane

Day 21: A knight in the making

My friend Sem in Chiro school with me makes armor in his spare time and he took me and my friend Davee down to show us how he does it and we couldnt resist getting armored up.

Day 20: Getting your Geese in a role

Day 19: Greenleaves